%252F in the URL


I believe %252f represents a slash / in URL encoding. When data is passed in urls it is encoded because only certain characters can be in urls, so a mixture of allowed characters are used to represent certain characters that would otherwise be disallowed. Considering that this is a slash /, it's likely that you have a beginning or trailing slash somewhere where it doesn't belong - maybe in a field in which you identify a path - resulting in two consecutive slashes, the second being encoded, so look for that.

%2f is the url encoding of /, if you have %252f seems a double encode of the specific string. I guess a bug of imagecache Module, or/and some intermediate module using an encode process.

Also, this documentation related with Drupal drupal_urlencode could be useful to understand the case when exist // that is /%252F http://api.acquia.com/api/drupal/includes--common.inc/function/drupal_urlencode/6

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