CSS position fixed some ; i want it to be at absolute bottom and body to be just above it


You want to put the fixed div at the bottom and specify 95% for the top, like so:

    <div id="content-box">
        <div id="fixed">
    Login Login


Add css info for the content div so it looks something like this:

#fixed {

#content-box {
padding-bottom: 20em;

Give bottom padding to the body equal to the height of the div.


but you also have to change in your code the top: 95%; to bottom:0; in the #fixed rule, because the height is not known so the remaining 5% might be less than the 2em height of the div (it causes the div to move outside of the body ..).

demo at http://jsfiddle.net/gaby/cvxtk/1/

Tags: Html / Css / Drupal

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