Drupal 301 redirects for matching paths without .htaccess


In this case, I looked at @Arosboro's suggestion about using Global Redirect. This was a bit more than I actually required, as all I needed was a simple redirect for a particular page. What I did instead was implement a quick module which handled the redirect based on a regex match for the old URL.

function redirect_init() {
    if (isset($_GET['destination'])) {
        $destination = $_GET['destination'];

    $request_path = redirect_request_path();

    // If the request_path() matches an article, redirect to the new URL
    // for articles.
    if ($request_path) {
        drupal_goto($request_path, array(), 301);

function redirect_request_path() {
    $path = ltrim(request_path(), '/');

    if (preg_match('/^article\/\d+$/', $path)) {
    $path_list = explode('/', $path);
    $timestamp = $path_list[1];
        return 'article/doi/10.7244/cmj-' . $timestamp;
    } else {

Probably the Global Redirect module suits your needs.

You may have to implement the timestamp feature as a new token with a custom module.

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