Drupal 7 Date - Is there a way to change field settings if there is data in it already?


I got this working by doing the following without having to write any code. Keep in mind im only doing this for the DATE type fields:


my old field: field_eventdate

my new field: field_placeholder

  1. create the same field type with a different name and the options you want.
  2. open up phpmyadmin
  3. goto the table: field_config
  4. search for the new field you created (field_placeholder)
  5. click on the data column blob and download that.
  6. search and edit field_eventdate and upload the file you downloaded which contains the new settings.
  7. do the same exact thing for the table: field_config_instance
  8. now we have to update the table structures of the field to encompass these changes. I first inspected the strucuture of the new field i created and see what the old table was missing. Once you have that down, create the missing columns in the old field that exists in the new field.
  9. Do #8 again but this time for the revisions table. In my case it would be: field_revision_eventdate
  10. delete the field_placeholder via the content type page as you wont need it anymore.

let me know if this worked for anyone else too.

A more secure way than touching the database...

  1. First create your new field with the repeating date, let's call it field_event_date
  2. Then copy everything from the first field (field_date) to your new one


$query = new EntityFieldQuery();

$query->entityCondition('entity_type', 'node')
  ->entityCondition('bundle', {your_content_type})
  ->addMetaData('account', user_load(1));

$result = $query->execute();
foreach($result['node'] as $nid => $n) {
  $node = node_load($nid);
  $node->field_event_date = $node->field_date;  // Copy one field to another

I went about it by first capturing the original Date field with Features. Then, I created a field like I would like to target (similar to what you'd done with the placeholder) and Features-exported it. I compared the exported code and updated the original field's Feature export code, SQL-dumped the data from the field_data_field_.. table, deleted the original field by Manage Fields screen, feature-reverted to the modified Features export code, and then SQL-imported from my export. voila!

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