Drupal 7 Default .htaccess


Actually, the official Drupal source code is on GitHub: https://github.com/drupal/drupal. The requested .htaccess file can be found here.

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Where is htaccess located in Drupal 7?
I'm looking for the .htaccess file that should be in the default installation of Drupal 7. Normally it is supposed to be there. Does anyone know where it is located?
Is there any security or operational problems if I do not have any .htaccess file in drupal root?
I realise that having the .htaccess file in the root of my installation is probably the way the program is designed to run, but I was having some difficulties accessing the site, and then fixed the problem by deleting the .htaccess file in the root. But then it made me wonder if this was a good idea to leave my Drupal 7 installation without a .htac...
Adding Values to Header Drupal 7 + .htaccess
Well, I'm new to Drupal, I was wondering if I can add values to header? Note: this is the code for my mysite.com I got this piece of code in mysite.com So for example, Drupal URL: mysite.com/U2pVnWK If I run that URL, it redirects me to PAGE 404 So I tried this, URL: mysite.com/?code=U2pVnWK Which it eventually works. So I tried using RewriteRule t...
Bypassing Drupal's htaccess rewrite for static page
I've created a site that is currently partly static while partly managed in Drupal. I've managed to rewrite static HTML by specifying the /static directory in the following manner above Drupal's .htaccess code. Though I now have a dilemma. I have a directory page which is static: website.com/products but then the next level needs to go through the ...
Drupal 7 .htaccess redirects
I'm trying to redirect some old urls to the new Drupal ones with .htaccess rules. This works But this gives me a Drupal error Is it possible to perform a redirect like this? The errors I get are My new rules begin before the Drupal rules of As suggested I have tried redirecting to non clean URLS. This works Redirect 301 /oldurl http://mysite.com/?q...
What code should .htaccess of files directory hold in drupal 7.25?
The module Security Review gives the report my .htaccess in files directory is a security risk because says it has insufficient code to protect the site from anyone wanting to make php edits. However, have checked it with drupal org docs and I can see the .htaccess in files directory matches up with correct security script to keep out any such atte...

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