Drupal 7 OR condition with a series of AND condition


use db_and

$db_and = db_and();

$qry = db_select('table1', 't1');
$qry->join('node', 'n FORCE INDEX(field1)', 'n.nid = t1.etid');
$qry->join('table2','t2','n.nid = t2.entity_id');

$db_and->condition('t3.field', 'yes', '=');
$db_and->condition('n.field', '<value>', 'LIKE');
$db_and->condition('t1.field', '<id>', '=');
$db_and->condition('n.field', '<value>', '=');
$db_and->condition('n.field', <value>, '=');
$db_and->condition('t1.field', '<vlaue>', '=');

$or = db_or();
$or->condition('t1.field', [123,456], 'IN');



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