Drupal doesn't send any emails


Another way is to properly configure the mail subsystem of your server to send the emails to the mail server of your organization, where they go throught to internet. This is done not by drupal, the server support team should do it. Usually postfix is a good option.

An advantage of this configuration is that all mails from all web applications hosted in the server function right out of the box.

Step 1 ) Download the SMTP Authentication Support module for drupal and enable the module.
Step 2) Configure your Gmail SMTP parameters correctly.

By default SMTP Authentication Support has the USE TLS encrypted protocol enabled. If you are using GMAIL for sending emails you need to select the Use SSL protocol

For your reference : https://support.google.com/mail/answer/13287

you should try thrid party SMTP. Some of free one is like Mandrill.



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