Drupal watchdog database table flooded with same message over and over?


Had to restart the server. MySQL was acting up.

Tags: Drupal / Watchdog

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How to traverse the Drupal's watchdog table?
I want to get all the error messages from the watchdog table, but when I get the message column from the table it has %path, %function, !message something like this messages how i can take the whole real message with not this signals? when i use $message it show me something like: keep in %path: Starting to list files in %directory. How i can corre...
Batch process stuck repeating first operation over and over
It's my first time working with the Batch API. I have a batch operation that I have almost working, but it gets stuck on the first item and I'm out of ideas on how to fix it. What the batch thing does is iterate over a bunch of nodes and transform the fake-locations scattered over a dozen text fields into real Location CCK fields. When the batch pr...
Feeds importing unique nodes over and over
I'm trying to import events to a calendar from an external ics.. I installed the Calendar module with the Feeds module. Unfortunately it creates the whole time new nodes. Even if the UID is unique (mapped to field field_gimme_uid) in the node. Update nodes is setted 'on'. I have checked everything but everything seems alright. The unique field is c...
drupal watchdog filter the entries in the database
On drupal 6 can i filter the entries of the watchdog into the database depending on the severity? For example i want to exclude the "error" severity messages.
Table 'watchdog' was not locked with LOCK TABLES on custom module
I am creating module that need to lock table: I am getting error (4 similar warnings): What can I do with this, turn off database reporting?
watchdog table grows too big too fast
On a rather busy D6 site, I need to truncate watchdog table very frequently, since it grows at about few Gigabyes per day. On the other hand I can not disable access logs to avoid the table's inflation. Running cron yeilds a lot of errors and does not seem to clean watchdog table. So what is the best way to deal with this problem? Thanks

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