Grouping Exposed Filters (using Better Exposed Filters)


First I'd recommend adding a taxonomy term 'Graduate Interdisciplinary Program' to match the 'Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program'

Configure your vocaulary

Assuming you have these taxonomy terms 'weighted' to their respective parent terms 'Graduate' and 'Undergraduate' you can proceed to configure your view.

Your views page - you'll need to configure fields and filters as you like

Configure the filter criteria as follows:


Content:Has Taxonomy Terms

Vocabulary: Graduate/Undergraduate Programs

Selection Type: Dropdown

Depth: 1

Views Settings

Configure Filter Criteria

Tick - Expose this filter to Visitors, to allow them to change it.

Tick - Grouped Filters

Widget Type - Select List

Label - 'Area of Study'

Views Settings

Finally configure the table as you have it in your screen-shot ... ideally without the overlap of the term 'Multidisciplinary Program' ...


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