How can I check Drupal log files?


If you love the command line, you can also do this using drush with the watchdog show command:

drush ws

More information about this command available here:

To view entries in Drupal's own internal log system (the watchdog database table), go to These can include Drupal-specific errors as well as general PHP or MySQL errors that have been thrown.

Use the watchdog() function to add an entry to this log from your own custom module.

When Drupal bootstraps it uses the PHP function set_error_handler() to set its own error handler for PHP errors. Therefore, whenever a PHP error occurs within Drupal it will be logged through the watchdog() call at admin/reports/dblog. If you look for PHP fatal errors, for example, in /var/log/apache/error.log and don't see them, this is why. Other errors, e.g. Apache errors, should still be logged in /var/log, or wherever you have it configured to log to.

Make sure drush is installed (you may also need to make sure the dblog module is enabled) and use:

drush watchdog-show --tail

Available in drush v8 and below.

This will give you a live look at the logs from your console.

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