How do I filter exposed taxonomy terms with other exposed taxonomy terms?


Another option would be this module : Views Selective Filters

A new kind of filter is available in the Views listing (named "your field (selective filter)". You may add three selective filters, each related to a vocabulary (even different ones). When you select a value in the first filter, the two others will only suggest possible values for contents with the first tag.

Simple Hierarchical Select did the trick, I just need to Combine the Manufacturers & Models list, and make the Models Childs to the Manufacturers, so when I select Samsung, it poofs another dropdown that lets me Select the Samsung children I set up in the Taxonomy Terms! I set Depth to -1

I tried to get it to work earlier to no avail, but it works now! Found out it was Conflicting with another Module.

Use the Search API. Totally awesome. It will provide you with the Facets you need. Don't be intimidated. The instructions below are great.

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