How do I get the node URL in a Twig template?


In a node.html.twig you can directly use {{ url }}

<a href="{{ url }}">read more</a>

For more information read comment in core template : /core/modules/node/templates/node.html.twig :

 * @file
 * Default theme implementation to display a node.
 * Available variables:
 * - node: The node entity with limited access to object properties and methods.
 * ...
 * - url: Direct URL of the current node.
 * ...

<article{{ attributes }}>

  {{ title_prefix }}
  {% if not page %}
    <h2{{ title_attributes }}>
      <a href="{{ url }}" rel="bookmark">{{ label }}</a>
  {% endif %}
  {{ title_suffix }}

According to Functions - In Twig Templates you can use is simple by

 {{ path('entity.node.canonical', {'node':}) }}

I have found this solution that works, but is quite convoluted.

{{ path('entity.node.canonical', {'node': content['#node'].id()  }) }}
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