How do I programmatically render a view that has exposed filters?


You can use this code in custom block can also set permission.

 use Drupal\Core\Form\FormState; 
 use Drupal\views\Views; 
   $form = []; 
   $view_id = 'blog_landing_page'; 
   $display_id = 'page_1'; 
   $view = Views::getView($view_id);     
   if ($view) { 
 $form_state = (new FormState()) 
   'view' => $view, 
   'display' => &$view->display_handler->display, 
   'rerender' => TRUE, 
   $form_state->set('rerender', NULL); 
 $form = \Drupal::formBuilder()->buildForm('\Drupal\views\Form\ViewsExposedForm', $form_state); 
Tags: Views / Drupal 8

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