How to filter a View by Date Range (start, end)?


Currently Views is not very aware of date ranges. It can filter on the start or end date as separate filters but not the date range as a whole.

To enable filtering based on the date range I created the module Views Date Range Filters. Currently it has 3 additional filters for Datetime Range fields:


Filters by date ranges which include the supplied date.


Filters by date ranges which overlap with the supplied date range.

Ends by

Filters by date ranges which end by the supplied date. Equivalent to "End date <= supplied date". Useful for grouped filters when using "Start date".

Surprisingly this is not possible with Drupal 8 yet. But there is a long history of trying to make it work: The last patch, you find in this post, seems to work. You can download and apply it, using the following commands:

git apply improve_the_views-2786577-76-core.patch

If git isn't available on your server, try:

patch -p1 < improve_the_views-2786577-76-core.patch

TO apply the patches you have to navigate to the core folder first. And be aware that you have to reapply this patch, after committing a core update. (This sucks!) So let us hope, the Drupal Gods will get this into core soon!

Using interval-filter plugin you can choose two fields to be used respectively as minimum and maximum date, this introduces the concept of range. Then you can filter the views by specifying a date that must be contained or not contained in the range.

Take a look at: for examples

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