How to insert a View inside other View as the last row of the parent View?


Below are the modules. I hope any of these help you to solve this :

  1. Node Embed

Node Embed provides an input filter for CKEditor integration allowing a content editor the ability to embed the rendering of nodes within the body/fields of another node. This uses a View to allow for the browsing/preview/selection of a node to embed and provides a set of template suggestions that allow for the detailed control of node rendering when in embedded mode.

  1. Views Field View

This module allows you to embed a view as a field in a view. A new field handler is made available, so this can also be used in area (header/footer/empty) handlers as well as rows.

This view handler can accept arguments from fields of the parent view using tokens and pass them into the child view for each row. Raw or rendered token values can be used, as well as static values.

Inserting Views - Read the content & comments. I hope this may help.

Use views_field_view module. This module help you to embed a view as a field in a view.

in your view settings, middle column add in footer a Global: View (Views field view). Embed a views_field_view field in an area. This can also accept argument tokens. pick the view you desire to add, done.

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