How to prevent the page contextual filter to be appended to the page url when using contextual filters in drupal?


I don't think so. Because the page results is being filtered by the contextual filter before the exposed filters.

Why do you use "myview/12"?! Why don't only use "myview" without anything passed as contextual filter ?

UPDATE: To exclude the contextual filter from the URL, you need to change the the form's redirect attribute by applying hook_form_alter(). To do so you need to follow the following steps:

  1. find the form id.
  2. Change your module weight in "system" table. (Because views' weight defaults to 10, your module needs to have a heavier weight to make sure it affects the form generated by views)
  3. change the the form redirect attribute. $form['#redirect'] = 'myview';

Tell me if it worked.


You can give a try to the Views Filter Harmonizer module. This module solves the problem when having views with contextual filter and exposed filters at the same tima and you can configure it to make them work independantly.

Provide a validation criteria, that fails if there is some exposed filter in the url, and select to display all values if the validation criteria fails.

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