how to use hook_views_query_alter() to modify where condition?


You can access the content of a where condition modifying its value:

$query->where[0]['conditions'][0]['value'] = 'something...';

Pretty similar what you did with orderby. Also you can add custom where conditions ( and

To add a new where clause you can use, add_where

For example :

$query->add_where(1,'taxonomy_term_data_node.tid', $value, 'NOT IN');
function mymodule_views_query_alter(&$view, &$query) {
  // Term id's to unset from result set.
  $tids = array(346,355,359);
  if ($view->name == 'yourviewname') {

    $query->add_where(1,'taxonomy_term_data_node.tid', $tids, 'NOT IN');
    $query->orderby[0]['field'] = "CASE WHEN taxonomy_term_data_taxonomy_term_hierarchy.weight IS NULL THEN taxonomy_term_data_node.weight ELSE taxonomy_term_data_taxonomy_term_hierarchy.weight END";
    $query->orderby[0]['direction'] = "ASC";
    $query->orderby[1]['field'] = "taxonomy_term_data_node.weight";
    $query->orderby[1]['direction'] = "ASC";
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