Is there a solution which could keep information about actions and updating of data on the site?


By using the Message module (which already has a beta version for D8), you can create your own custom "Events logging" (to register things that happened in a site).

A great sample of this you can find in (the D7 version of) Commerce Kickstart, which uses the Commerce Message module, to create such "Events logging". In this case in the format of an Order History, as shown in this screenprint (from this module's project page).

The Message module is an amazing module, though there is not a lot of documentation about it. It is fully entity based, which implies that it perfectly (out of the box) integrates with modules such as Views and (only for D7 for now, not yet for D8) Rules.

Additional info

For more details about the Message module, refer to some interesting Use Cases detailed within its Community Documentation. And/or checkout the video introduction "Your Drupal site can talk" (if you want you can fast forward to about 03:30 where it really starts).

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