Rebuild images from image style


To flush Image Style Names in Drupal 7 through the UI, try this contrib module:

It gives you a flush option for each Image Style Name. It also has an option to flush all the Image Style Names at once.

Once the module is enabled, in the admin UI go here to flush a particular image style:


Clearing cache, won't flush image styles:

You could:

  • delete them manually
  • use image_style_flush
  • use the command line: rm -rf sites/default/files/styles
  • use drush: drush image-flush

This is a bug with image styles. If you are editing an image style and edit an effect that is already present, the images will not be flushed on update. However, if you delete that effect (I'm not talking about deleting the image style - delete the effect within the particular image style) and create a new one, the images will be flushed on update.

Tags: Drupal 7 / Media

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