Rewrite output for view field only when certain condition is met?


You can do this with the UI with some of my favorite Views trickery.

  1. Go to your content type, click the Boolean field and change its Off value to 0.

  2. Create a new view and add the Title field twice. Rewrite the link for one of them, and Exclude both from Display.

  3. Add your Boolean field to the view and..

a. Rewrite the title of this field: [title]

b. No Results behavior: [title_1]

c. Count the number 0 as empty: ✓

d. Hide rewriting if empty: ✓

Because you changed the Off value of the field to 0, you can make Views trigger the No Results Behavior for the field. I've just tested this and it works fine so ask if you have any trouble.

Tags: Drupal 7 / Views

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