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Using the Rules module, is it possible to access the fields of a referenced entity of an entity?
I've got this scheme: entity person, bundle person, entity health, bundle health. Bundle health has field energy. Bundle person has an entity reference of type health. In Rules data selector, I want to access to person:health:energy. Is that possible?
custom template for entity as referenced entity
I have a node type for which I have a custom tpl. OK. But this node type I also have as a referenced entity in another nodetype. And in this case I need another custom tpl. Is it possible to have another tpl and if yes: how do I name this file?
Access to referencing entity field from referenced entity template in Drupal 8
I'm building a custom block type with referenced nodes, on the "view" of the block type I configured to show the full node instead just links. And I want to access from the node--type.html.twig to some of the fields of the parent block (when the block is rendered). How we can do that?? is there any other good approach to doing this??
How to get an array of referenced entity ids from an entity reference field
I have a entity_reference field with BaseFieldDefinition::CARDINALITY_UNLIMITED cardinality. I want a list of referenced entity ids. I know that I can get all the referenced entities by calling $x->referencedEntities(), but I want only the ids to get the entities loaded later. Currently I am doing this: Does anyone know a better solution like it...
Entity Query Condition for the referenced entity's type
According to the documentation for the condition() function, you can append columns to a field name, but I haven't found a way to make a condition on the referenced entity's type. Let's say with the above I am querying for articles that have a reference to the ID in $someId and that reference is to a content type of either character or movie. Is so...
How to return the whole entity referenced by a entity reference field with views
I have content type A with a entity reference field that references a user (let's name it field_user_reference). The user has field_b and field_c field. I've created a rest export view to return all nodes of type A with it's field which includes field_user_reference. My problem now is that the field_user_reference exported by views only contains th...

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