Using Views to Display Taxonomy Terms Along with a single image field of the latest content type that has that taxonomy term


Apparently there's a module called Views distinct that would eliminate duplicate entries due to having one field having the same values.

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I have and issue with the view filter "Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)". In my view I'm filtering a content type who as two fields represented by the same taxonomy, and that view filter (Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)), do the filter of the union of all the values in the two fields of the same taxonomy. For example: Taxonomy "Sub...
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How do I use views to override a taxonomy term page for only terms with a single vocabulary?
How do I configure a view to allow me override only term pages within a specific vocabulary without overriding all other term pages? Edit: Due to the requirements of the project, this must be done with a view and not overridden with a custom tpl.
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I have a view page listing my stories/articles. I have a contextual filter based on the field Country which is a taxonomy term reference field. I have defined the path of the page as article-search/% to accommodate the contextual filter value. I have an exposed filter on the field article-category which is also of type taxonomy term reference. I us...

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